Comming from direction Hof ...

  • go on the A 72 from Hof into direction Zwickau till junction Zwickau east, turn on the B 93 into direction Schneeberg and follow the road over

              o Wilkau-Hasslau
              o Silberstraße Wiesenburg
              o Schneeberg till
              o Aue

  • in Aue follow the B 101 in direction Schwarzenberg over Lauter till Schwarzeberg
  • in Schwarzenberg follow the B 101 untill Raschau, on the second big traffic light turn right into direction Pöhla
  • arrived in Pöhla follow the main road over

              o Globenstein
              o Rittersgrün
              o Ehrenzipfel and Zweibach till
              o Tellerhäuser

Drive just before the exit sign and turn right into the "Grenzhang", there you will see the sign so you can not miss our house.